“Futurium – House of Futures” is Germany’s first ‘future museum’. It is supposed to be a window to different futures for us humans on earth. These futures are made possible by the achievements of science and research. And how can we harvest these fruits of science most effectively for a positive future for humankind?
The questions at the core of the concept of the Futurium are heavy but the museum and the content itself are very approachable.
There are many interactive stations throughout the museum, visitors can literally get in touch with the visions of future that the museum displays.

The building itself is designed like an open window and definitely worth stopping by.

Make sure to check the website before you go, every day there are many different offers for guided tours for groups or families.

Suitable for all ages.

Opening hours:
Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun 10am – 6pm
Thu 10am – 8pm
Tuesday closed

Free entry.

Futurium - Haus der Zukünfte
Alexanderufer 2
10117 Berlin

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