On the 5th of February 2009 the cultural highlight “Dalí – Die Ausstellung am Potsdamer Platz” opened its doors right in the pulsating heart of Berlin, with over 450 exhibits from private collections from all around the world.

The works of surrealist artists certainly require explanation. This applies in particular for Salvador Dalí, who was throughout his life an eccentric self-exposer, was indeed above all an excellent craftsman and he mastered diverse virtuoso art techniques. In a very individual way, he used complex contents for his art works and developed innovative technical possibilities to set his works artistically. Like in his oil paintings, which are famous all over the world through posters and post cards, Dalí always processed and arranged simultaneously a multitude of thoughts, motives, impulses and themes in his graphic works. They complete, reinforce or contradict themselves and lead frequently to extraordinary motivic syntheses, so that not only one-dimensional interpretations are given. This cause space for the fantasy of the spectator.

For the first time there are so-called Dalí_Scouts, who are at the disposal for all visitors to explore Dalí´s surreal works. In order to facilitate the understanding and the classification of the works on display of the Spanish surrealist, the Dalí_ Scouts guide the visitors through the exhibition and help visitors to see the world through Dalí´s eyes. Their service is interactive, which means that each visitor has the opportunity to ask them individual questions. The aim of Dalí_Scouts is to make Dalí´s highly complex, multi-layered and intellectually sophisticated work accessible and understandable for the broad public. In the public guided tours through the museum with the Dalí_Scouts, which are provided daily, the visitors will be informed extensively about Dalí’s virtuoso works. Aspects of the theory of art and art history and also the extraordinary biography of Salvador Dalí, as a major artistic personality of the 1920s, will be made a subject of discussion during the guided tour. Furthermore, there is the option to reserve exclusively a private guided tour as educational offer.

Guided tours can be booked easily online including attractive terms.
By prior reservation the core contents of the tour can be customised for specific groups, such as school classes, art lovers and experts. “Dalí: Die Ausstellung am Potsdamer Platz” has approximately 1.500 square meters exhibition space and extends over two floors. The museum premises are modern and spaciously arranged including a central foyer with reception and cloakroom alongside as well as a museum shop and a café area.

An event area is integrated cleverly into the exhibition rooms and offers the unique opportunity for companies to organize their receptions, conferences, seminars or presentations amid of surrealist art. With the museum’s “preferred partners”, who operate successfully in the business of entertainment, catering, furnishing and decoration, it is possible to submit a quotation accurately reflecting your individual needs.


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