Berlin is a city with a lot of history and scenery of a lot of trends and cultural vibes.

The German capital has its own Cinema Museum and also holds several cinema events like the Berlinale, Achtung Berlin Festivalor the Deutscher Filmpreis-LOLA.

Thus, it is normal that Berlin is a scenery of many movies and documentaries such as Cabaret, Good Bye Lenin, Wings of desire or Lives of others as probably the most popular ones.

Not far from the city, there is Babelsberg studio, the oldest large-scale film studio in the world, producing films since 1912 like V for Vendetta, The Bourne Ultimatum, Valkyrie, The Grand Budapest Hoteland The Hunger Games.

In Miniloft we offer different entertainment options; one of them is the "Home cinema", where we offer a DVD with a selection of films and documentaries about or filmed in Berlin.

We have also created three Youtube playlists with a selection of Berlin and German movies, documentaries and songs.

In order to improve our selection of DVDs, we would like to know which one is your favorite ones and if we should add any to our list.

We will select around 6 films and documentaries for you in our "Home Cinema Package" and we would appreciate if you help us to choose them by choosing your preferences.

Here our main list, where you can also check the trailer.

- Christian F.- West Berlin in 1981 with David Bowie's soundtrack.

- Run Lola Run - Franka Potente runs all around Berlin in this 90s classic.

- Wings of Desire - A classic of Win Wenders that shows us the divided Berlin.

- Lives of others - Oscar awarded movie about the Stasi and its espionage.

- Berlin Tunnel 21- Story about the most popular tunnel to cross the wall, geographically very close to Miniloft.

- Welcome Goodbye - A documentary about tourism and gentrification in Berlin nowadays.

- Good Bye Lenin - worldwide known tragicomedy film about the German reunification.

- The Downfall- the last days of Hitler.

- The Rise and Fall of the Berlin Wall- the whole story.

- Victoria - Shot continuously for over two hours in 22 locations. It won the Silver Bear in 2015and It received the German Film Award in six categories.

If you want to check more movies, check a complete list in Wikipedia:

Any suggestions?

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