Berlin is a pretty lucky city, with huge swathes of forest surrounding the city and punctuating Brandenburg. Exploring the forests around Berlin can not only provide you with some beautiful light and colour from thetrees – but also treats on the ground.

If you happen to know your stuff with mushroom foraging, you’ll find plenty on the ground in various forests in the periphery of the city. If you’re lucky you might happen upon some “Steinpilz” – also known as porcini mushrooms, “Marone” – Boletes or (if you are very very lucky), Germany’s beloved “Pfifferling” – chanterelles.

A word of warning – without someone who is experienced in foraging and can identify mushrooms on your behalf, you might want to skip the fungi and just stick with a gentle stroll. Or, if you fancy using your time in Berlin to brush up on your mushroom knowledge, take a look at Dr. Ewald Gerhardt, resident expert at the Botanical Gardens in the west of Berlin, who offers Pilzberatung (“mushroom advice”) in English or German at selected hours.

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