Clearly not new, but certainly deserves another mention in our blog, being so close to Miniloft Mitte.

Although it is not the only bunker that has been built in the city, the Boros Collection is perhaps the best known. The five-story building was built in 1942 on behalf of Aldof Hitler and architect Karl Bonatz in the central district of Mitte as an air-raid shelter for residents of the area. In 1945, the building became a prison for Stalin's secret services and then a banana store. In 1992 it became for four years one of the most successful techno clubs in the world, but closed in 1996 for not complying with safety regulations.

After so much history behind these concrete walls, the billionaire designer Christian Boros and his wife decided to buy it in 2003 and turn it into their home. After years of renovation the building was finally reborn in 2008 as Sammlung Boros. Open only by appointment, this gallery also known as the "bunker of art" is a space that accommodates the collection of Boros international private contemporary art, being spread over 3,000 square meters and 80 rooms for exhibition only.

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