In The Feuerle Collection, works by international contemporary artists are juxtaposed with Imperial Chinese furniture and early Khmer sculptures.

Located just 15 minutes walk from Miniloft Kreuzberg in a former Second World War telecommunications bunker that has been renovated by the British architect John Pawson, the museum encourages a conversation between different periods and cultures, offering an alternative perception of ancient art and creates a new perspective on the pieces, adopting a synesthetic approach.

The total museum space of 7,350 sq/m includes two main exhibition rooms, a Sound Room, a Lake Room and an Incense Room. The Feuerle Collection is the first art museum to present the theme of Chinese incense culture and the only place in the world where the incense ceremony is introduced as an artistic practice, part of a curatorial work in dialogue with, and surrounded by, ancient and contemporary art. The Feuerle Incense Ceremony is available by appointment only.

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