Office spaces may not seem like a natural destination for a getaway, but what happens when the space becomes more than office? An increasing number of Berlin spaces refuse to be confined to the 9-5 week, choosing to mix work and play in the process. One fine example of this is The Wye, a public art space that is fast becoming an essential part of Berlin’s creative landscape.

The space occupies five floors of half an old postal building on Skalitzer Strasse in Kreuzberg. The repurposed building covers several tenets of that unique Berlin brand of charm – namely taking an abandoned, iconic space and breathing new life into it by attracting a diverse range of artists, designers, entrepreneurs and visitors.

Besides the co-working space and studios, after hours, The Wye hosts a plethora of events (best accessed through their Facebook page), which range from Christmas markets to magazine launches and fashion shows. Alongside this, their regular programming includes comedy nights, yoga classes, life drawing classes and workshops. With an open ethos and boundless energy, it’s a place that is producing some serious cultural capital for the capital.

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