The museums of Berlin are the first place on many a visitors itinerary, with the epicenter of cultural musings located on the ever efficiently named Museumsinsel – Museum Island. Boasting heavy hitters like the Pergamon, the Altes Museum, the Neues Museum (of David Chipperfield interior fame), the Alte Nationalgalerie and the Bodes Museum, it’s an area that has endured the test of time. But there are plenty of updates from this most dependable area of Berlin, including a great new way to explore it.

Firstly, the Pergamon has announced its main hall, which includes the namesake Pergamon Altar, will be closed for five years from September 29th, 2014. Other areas, including the Ishtar Gate and processional way and the Museum of Islamic Art will remain unaffected, but expect longer waiting times.

Bad news out the way, you might want to cram in a visit or two before the closure - in which case, make sure you note 2014’s next (and 33rd) Long Night of the Museums, which will take place on August 31st 2014. With around 95 museums participating and opening times extended to include an evening shift of 6pm – 2am, there’s time to marvel in the ancient world and then head off to our more modern one in the space of a night. Kombi-tickets are a must, allowing you to access all participating venues and use unlimited public transport for the evening. With a theme of young and old, expect explorations of cross-generational mythology a-plenty.

Finally, for those interested in the museums as much as their contents, take a different look at Museum Island with Ticket B’s tours. Lasting around 2.5 hours, you’ll get an insight into the various styles and architects that have made this most magnificent of islands, taking in the main museums and interior visits to boot.

Lange Nacht Der Museen
31st August 2014, 6pm – 2am
Various locations – see website for more information
Kombiticket Prices: 18 €/concessions 12 €

Ticket B Tours
Available yearly, arranged by appointment, visit the Ticket B website for more information

Museumsinsel :: Neues Museum

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