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Everything we love

"We liked the concrete! The design is fantastic- everything we love! The location was perfect, we feel we really explored the area thanks to the great miniloft guide. I would thoroughly recommend Miniloft to anyone visiting Berlin."

—Tess from London, UK; 27/09/2010

Beautiful in all senses

"We liked everything. We felt immediately at home with the room's simplicity and functionality. We want to say thank you to the architects Britta and Matthew for making such a beautiful in all senses space and for having the idea of a home-away-from-home lodging like this. And to the help that Eleanor and Stephan provided so willingly and expertly. Our gratitude to all. We wish we didn't have to leave Miniloft or Berlin. "

—Susan and Peter from Bath, Maine, USA; 23/09/2010

Contemporary yet comfortable

"The design is contemporary yet the loft was comfortable! Everything was great. I would definitely return. The staff was wonderful and I enjoyed my time here."

—Sabrina from Toronto, CA; 17/09/2010

Clean and contemporary

"The space! Clean, contemporary and a great location. Your neighborhood guide was most useful. The concrete walls were perfect as they permitted our son to practice his violin without (hopefully) disturbing the other guests."

—Ramona from Vancouver, CA; 01/09/2010

Great value

"The space and location- great value for the money and it worked perfectly with 3 lovely kids (14, 11, 17.) Will use again and recommend! We loved it and the book was really helpful as well! Loved Berlin (our first time!)"

—Adam from London, UK; 01/09/2010

I love the tub

"I keep coming back. I love you guys. I love the tub. I never used to take baths. Now I love them. That wood rack is perfect for reading in the tub."

—Dave from Chicago, USA; 31/08/2010

Bright open space

"Bright open space, location. The miniloft apartment was perfect for my son (age 19) and me- adaquate space and storage, great design. Location was also very good. I would definitely recommend."

—Anne from Maryland, USA; 25/08/2010

Quiet minimal relaxing

"We enjoyed our stay in Miniloft. Very good location. Quiet, minimal, relaxing atmosphere with all the facilities we needed. Kind and helpful managing. Just perfect for us. Thank you for creating such a place. "

—Sergi, Maria and Zoe from Barcelona, Spain; 25/08/2010

Stylish Accommodation

"Great location. Stylish accommodation. The 'Miniloft Guide' is excellent- the suggested walk and places recommended for meals were spot on! An excellent option for independent travellers wanting to soak up life in Berlin- a great city."

—Rob and Nicole from Canberra; 07/08/2010

Lots of wonderful space

"(We liked) lots of wonderful space, good kitchen equipment, to be able to leave windows open safely, the proximity and the really useful book of what's available. (It's a) great apartment. It's nice to be able to eat in at night and have lots of space."

—Miriam from Aukland, NZ; 15/07/2010

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