For a city renowned for a huge sense of history, creativity and individuality, it’s no surprise Berlin fully embraces vintage shopping. A desire to stand out often lets locals go rummaging through the past, whether it’s at a flohmarkt, in a cavernous basement of clothing sold by the kilo (yes, such places do exist here) or in a high-end showroom selling truly one of a kind pieces.

Vintage shopping here will take you through the glamourous to the downright dusty, and depending on your tastes, there’s a rack to suit your budget and your own personal style. To help you out, we’ve put together tips for any vintage lover.

Tomorrow’s Trends in Neukölln

Populated by a bustling population of the young and achingly hip, expect to find a similar hotchpotch of styles in Neukölln’s cobbled streets. Good tips to try are Sing Blackbirdon Sanderstrasse, The Good Store on Pannierstrasse, Veist on Selchower Strand 44 Diamonds on Allerstrasse - all places to nail tomorrow’s trends using yesterday’s clothes.

Classic Finds in Schoneberg

Venture west and you’ll start uncovering the real period pieces, with plenty of vintage shops dedicated to specific decades and curated pieces, rather than bulk buys. Take a peek at Fraulein Anders on Nollendorfstraße, Mimi on Goltzstraße or Spitze Berlin on SuarezStraße. That said, if you’re up for a good rummage, you’d be hard pressed to beat the scale of Garage, which offers up clothing by the kilo and can often yield designer treasure on the rails.

Label Loving in Mitte

Not surprisingly, Mitte tops the list for quality vintage finds, with plenty of second hand brand delights, perfect for fashionistas eager to get a vintage fix. From the gorgeous glasses of Lunettes Selection to Garments, Das Neue Schwarz and Sommerladen’s beautifully styled and selected range, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better range of designer pieces.

Bargains Galore in Friedrichshain

With a reputation for being slightly punk in nature, it’s no surprise that Friedrichshain should be your go to if you want to get down and get gritty with your vintage shopping. Well worth a mooch is Blank Vintage, which offers a sizeable selection of absolute bargains and periodically hosts €1 sales. And this is also the home of the Humana store on Frankfurter Tor - a veritable department store packed to the rafters with polyester, but also plenty of great deals if you’re prepared to rummage.

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