Ice cream is the new black. No really, this ice cream is black!

Very new and already with many good reviews, we wanted to tell you about it because we love the non-conventional and high quality things in Berlin

The sorbets are all vegan, and the orange chocolate is too (it also has some cheeky alcohol in it). The cones and waffles are vegan, and they're black and chocolate flavored, which is unique and tasty!

The perfect refreshment for a day visiting Berlin or night, clubbing in Lido, Watergate or Club der Visionäre. It can also be an amazing dessert after a meal in the area (full of great places such as Green Bamboo Restaurant, Faro, New Deli Yoga or the well-know Burgermeister)

Black Poodle Ice Cream

Schlesische Straße 7
10997 Berlin

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