Berlin has been a magnet for foreigners in the last few years. With them they have brought their cultures and cuisines. So much so, that these days it is possible to find food from all across the world of the finest quality and best price.

One of the latest additions to the scene is the wonderful Begur restaurant in Neukölln.

The owner brought his restaurant from a small town in the hills by the Mediterranean coast and set it up by the tranquil waters of the Schifffahrtskanal in up and coming Neukölln. He even brought the name of the town with him and named the restaurant after it.

Begur is small and out of the way and at the same time big-hearted and where it's at. With a daily-changing menu of Catalan specialities, you will not be disappointed!

Weigandufer 36
12059 Berlin

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