It's funny when you know someone and then they reveal something about themselves that is totally unexpected.

As part of our Frizz23 project we have been working with engineer Engür Sastimdur for many months, planning the electrics and so on. Recently we found out through another friend that Engür is something of a Renaissance man.

Not only is he an electrician par excellence, he and his friends run the very very chic, yet very very groundedP103 Mischkonzern.

P103 is a simple cafe bar in a beautifully styled old Berlin building in Schöneberg. Simply stripped back and at the same time gilded and opulent, this former shop is a pleasant respite from the busy-ness of the street.

But this is not just a cafe, it is also a place for exhibitions, for art, for the meeting of minds. This is the concept that flows through place. Mischkonzern means a mixed business. It isn't just a place to grab a coffee, it's a place to network and a place to find support for projects and ideas.

Engür and his friends started out opening ANS TAXI NETZ GmbH in 2007. A taxi office with events and exhibitions (if you can imagine such a thing). News spread and after Gustav Haase exhibited in April 2008, the group aquired the midas touch.

They opened P103 in 2013 and since then things have been going from strength to strength.

Stop by for a coffee, an exhibition or to meet a potential business partner.

P103 Mischkonzern
Potsdamer Straße 103
10785 Berlin
Telephon 030 5470 6000
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday from 10:00 to 24:00

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