Craft Beer & Breweries Tour

Discover Berlin by night and learn about the city’s amazing bar and beer culture with us! Taste Berlin’s best local Craft Beers & visit Local Bars and Microbreweries.

Berlin has a long brewing history, but many traditional breweries and bars disappeared following World War II and the city’s division during the Cold War. Now, new breweries and brewpubs are reinventing traditional beer styles, coming up with new varieties and putting Berlin back on the global beer map. On this tour, you can explore Berlin’s beer history from its roots all the way to the revival that is happening today, tasting beers and learning about how beer is made along the way. also want to remember that this is not a pub-crawl tour and it is limited for a maximum of 15 participants.

They also lead other tours, including a daily free walking tour in Mitte, at 1 pm. from Friedrichstrasse station, only 2 stops with the Ubahn from Miniloft.

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