Why not combine going to watch a movie in the cinema with enjoying Berlin‘s amazing summer evenings outdoors?
One suggestion is the Freiluftkino Insel, located in Cassiopeia, within the very interesting (and very Berlin) RAW building complex. Unlike many movie theaters in Germany, the films projected are always in the original version (no dubbing), with subtitles in either English or German. They open Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays and we highly recommended that you check their program, as their selection of films is usually quite good.
Another outdoor cinema recommendation is the Freiluftkino Pompeji, in Kino Zukunft, located in Ostkreuz. This venue is emblematic as it housed East German Progress Film Distributors for years and it is generally an interesting place to visit, especially for indie and arthouse films.
But if what you want is to go to the movies without spending a lot of money, you have other options. For example, the Filmrauschpalast cinema in Kulturfabrik, located in Moabit, is free, although it is open only on Saturdays and Sundays.
For something a little more unique there are projections of silent films in Open Air Kino Mitte with a live musical soundtrack played by Tronthaim, an electronic duo from Berlin. It is not a daily event, so you have to check the program. In the backyard of the Haus Schwarzenberg, in Mitte, you will find the typical open-air cinema during the summer months, where you can occasionally be delighted with a silent film viewing – a fun and different experience from what we have became used to nowadays.
Last but not least, we can also recommend some nomadic cinemas: Nomadenkino and Mobile Kino. As the name says, they move around from place to place, and you can find them is such different locations as an abandoned swimming pool, a club or the middle of nowhere. Their films are projected from 35 mm reels and you should check their website for the program, to see what you would like to watch before going there.

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