If you are visiting the city center, around the Brandenburg Gate and you are interested in politics, apart of visiting the Reichstag, now you can also attend for free the permanent exhibition "Erlebnis Europa" in the European House Berlin, in Unter den Linden.

The exhibition, designed by ATELIER BRÜCKNER, is a initiative of the European Parliament in cooperation with the European Commission.

By visiting this exhibition, you will learn more about the European Union and its politics. The information is interactive and offered in 24 different European languages.

You can get a feels for how the EU Parliament works by becoming and MEP or a Commissioner and taking part in a simulation game. Alternatively, enjoy the 360° cinema where you will see a 15 minute film and experience a plenary session of the European Parliament.

Europäisches Haus
Unter den Linden 78
10117 Berlin
T. +49 30 2280 2900

Opening hours:
10 a.m. – 6 p.m. daily

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