In the family-friendly neighborhood of Prenzlauer Berg, at the corner of Wins and Immanuelkirchstrasse, Basil - The little Viet kitchen offers authentic Vietnamese kitchen in a beautiful setting. Their specialty is the fried gilthead with cherry tomatoes and dill but the rest of the menu is just as tasty: their traditional Pho - the traditional 5-herb broth with rice noodles and bean sprouts - is sold in many variations as well as curry dishes.

But it's not only the food that is special at Basil. It's also the selection of non-alcoholic drinks like the Basil Green Tea with mint, lemon grass and lime, or the Coconut Chanel Shake with banana, lime juice and coconut flakes.

If you want to do yourself a favor while your in Berlin - go to Basil and enjoy the food and the uniqueness of a small Berlin neighborhood.

Basil - The little Viet kitchen
Winsstrasse 65
104050 Berlin

Photos: Basil - The little Viet kitchen

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