The culture of freshly filtered coffee and the recent trend of cold-infused coffee, known as cold brew, has not stopped growing all over the world, and there are many addicts to this stimulating drink in search of the most precious coffees and now the new Nitro coffee, which looks like a black beer.
Actually this type of coffee appeared about four years ago in certain circles of specialists in gourmet coffee in the United States. But more and more coffee shops in the world and now also in Berlin are pointing to the tendency to add nitrogen and carbon dioxide to coffee and serve it directly in the bar through a tap, as if it were beer.
If you are curious to try it, here is the best place in the city. Ben Rahim, inside Hackesche Höfe, is a small coffee shop that stands out for its Arab hospitality based on making and serving excellent coffee and tea.

Ben Rahim
Sophienstraße 7,
10178 Berlin

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