Everyone already knows about the Start Up scene in Berlin, but not all Start Ups are about technology! Case in point: BRLO, a fresh craft beer company, established in 2014.

They are three founders, Katharina, Christian and Michael, as the three symbols following their logo that describes their essence: hops, wheat and a bear. They named the company BRLO, as the old Slavic origin of the name Berlin, and developed four different beers for every taste: Helles, Pale Ale, Porter and Weisse, this one without syrup!

The company is having a rapid growth to the point that you can already buy BRLO beer also outside Germany, and even on Air Berlin flights!

Their new challenge - a mobile brewery. The BRLO BRWHOUSE, which is opening this June 2016 in the Gleisdreieck park and it will change location easily, because it is built with containers.

Thus, BRLO brings not only a brewery in the center of Berlin, but also the same bar, beer garden and restaurant. The three founders BRLO label use their new home varied: There will not only be in the future a large selection of craft beers, but also regularly new creations, a special food concept and diverse cultural events.

The architects GRAFT, who also designed the PLATOON Kunsthallen in Berlin and Seoul, have made the external look.
The office operates internationally in the fields of urban planning, architecture and design, and is distinguished by its experimental and interdisciplinary design practice. Project partners include the experts for container construction of Artdepartment.

The BRLO BRWHOUSE is a temple for the beer lovers. On the twenty Taps, there are not only the BRLO label varieties, but also other local and international beers complete the offer, seasonal beer creations and cooperation with other brewers and cultural events for guests.

The kitchen also promises to be exciting: Star chef Ben Pommer takes the reins here. This Berliner brings the know-how from the three-star restaurant to the Street Food Markets.

The company COPRO provides the area for temporary use in the years to ready. Marc F. Kimmich, founder and managing partner of COPRO is enthusiastic about the concept: "The brewery BRLO will enliven the neighborhood for residents and park visitors. Within future events and the forthcoming European Championship the BRLO BRWHOUSE will be the address to enjoy in a relaxed society special beers and culinary options."

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