If you approach Café Nullpunkt from Fromet-und-Moses-Mendelssohn-Platz, you feel like you don’t have a choice but to walk right in. Big windows that are open all day throughout the summer invite you inside.
The main eye catcher is the 12-meter brass bar and the small open kitchen behind it that lets you watch chefs Caris and YoonWoo while they prepare your food.

Following Café Nullpunkt’s motto Naturally Good For All, the food is organic and primarily plant-based. With the composter in the next room, they are also aiming for zero waste.

The breakfast menu makes your mouth water:
Soda bread with almond butter and homemade jam, buckwheat pancakes with seasonal compote and maple syrup or scrambled eggs or tofu with vegetables and salad. For lunch you can get dishes like zucchini noodles with pesto tomatoes or the bean burger with homemade sweet potato fries and coleslaw.

While you wait for your food you can explore the little details of the place. Café Nullpunkt is located in the same spot as the old Schinkel observatory, where the planet Neptune was seen for the first time. A picture of the old observatory can be found right behind the coffee machine and the outline of the observatory is made visible by darker stones on the ground. The floor is made of the same stone as the plaza outside, making it clear that this is an open space, a continuation of the outside, welcoming people inside. The whole facade of the building has a midnight blue color, an homage to the blue appearance of Neptune.
Until the year 1912, you could find the zero point (Nullpunkt) which marks 37 meters above sea level on the outside of the Schinkel observatory. Obviously a measurement that is especially important for architects – and it is where Café Nullpunkt got its name. The wood paneling in the cafe ends at exactly that point.

Opening hours:

Mon – Wed 8am – 4 pm
Thursday /Friday 8 am – 9 pm
Sunday 10 am - 3 pm

Every Thursday, Café Nullpunkt hosts a little special event such as readings, music performance or poetry.
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Miniloft guests get a 10% discount. Just show your room key to the barista.

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