On the quest to find the best food in Berlin, stopping by Cheers Kiez Pizza in Choriner Str. is a must. Located in Choriner Str., the small take-out store front makes it kind of hard to believe that you're about to get served one of the best pizzas of the city.

The menu of Cheers Kiez Pizza is small but they have perfected every item. The classic Margherita is a delight, make it a Bufalina if you feel like you need a little more and if you want it more extravagant, go for the truffels pizza. You can't go wrong with any of them. Grab a cool beer too or an Aperol Spritz to go and sit across the street in the little park to enjoy the Kiez Pizza where it belongs, in the kiez!*

An added bonus: Every Wednesday, they make only glutenfree pizza.

Cheers Kiez Pizza
Choriner Str. 37
10435 Berlin

*kiez = neighborhood

copyright: Cheers Kiez Pizza

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