We're lucky to have an addictive ice cream shop ust a few blocks from the Miniloft apartments. The cheerful ice cream heros at Berliner Eismanufaktur serve up delectable, all-natural ice cream. They offer eighteen rotating flavours: their vanilla is the best we've ever tasted, the pistachio belongs in the pistachio hall of fame, and their sorbets are intensely fruity. Branch out with more unusual varieties like walnut, milk-honey-rosemary, or passion-fruit sorbet – at one euro per scoop (50 cents for a smaller kids' scoop), you can try them all, a pretty sweet deal for a few minutes in heaven. We mourned for weeks last year when we thought they had closed – thank goodness, the shop was just being renovated. They really should have told us!

Berliner Eismanufaktur
Friedrichstr. 117, Mitte
open daily from March to the onset of winter, 12-21:00, except in horrible weather

Eis :: Manufaktur

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