Dinner at Katz Orange is a sensual experience. The first glimpse is already a feast for the eyes; the two-story restaurant is housed in a stunning former brewery, set back in a quiet courtyard. (If the weather's fine, consider booking a table outside.) You'll feel special, cared for by the sweetly attentive staff and sipping one of their delicious cocktails – 'Grape Me' is already a cult drink, just a few months after the restaurant's opening – while Ethiopian jazz plays softly in the background.

The creators spent two years painstakingly renovating and designing the former Josty'sche Brauerei. The historical landmark is filled with a collection of curiosities from around the world, which could have come from the Natural History Museum or a Paris antiques shop. It's as if you're in the sprawling home of an eccentric, wealthy collector – one who can cook.

The loving attention to detail extends to the delicious food, with main courses running from fifteen to thirty euros. The short menu changes weekly (always with a meat, pasta and fish option; try the petit-fours for dessert), and they use all organic ingredients, locally sourced when possible. A real treat!

Katz Orange
Bergstrasse 22, Mitte
open Tue-Sat 18:00-03:00
Tel: 030 983208430, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Katz :: Orange

Katz :: Orange

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