Not far from Miniloft, in Augustraße, you can find the little restaurant where you can find Shiso Burger, the perfect combination of burgers and healthy Asian food for an amazing gastronomy experience.

Why are these burgers so special? Firstly because of its concept: healthy and with a touch of taste to Asia; and secondly because of its ingredients: all home-made, even the bread and sauces.

The very special ingredients are the meat (100% Angus or Wagyu beef) and the shiso (a Japanese herb that strengthens the immune system and has a stomach cleansing effect).

There is a wide variety of options, including fish and seafood. Highly recommended.

You can only pay cash and where you cannot book a table. It is a popular place, so you have to be lucky to find a table but the waiting time is normally short and it deserves it to try these special burgers (also vegetarian)

Shiso Burger

Auguststraße 29 c, 10119 Berlin
030 88944687

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