Themroc is a jewel of a restaurant, hidden in plain sight - I'd ridden my bike past this little hole in the wall dozens of times and never realized it was there. Now that my eyes have been opened, I can't believe how long I've lived without it. It may not be everyone's style - one menu a day (no choices, except for a vegetarian option), extremely laid-back and friendly service and casual decor (jazz posters taped to the wall, a tiny open kitchen).

Our dinner was absolutely delicious, and shockingly affordable. We arrived early, at 19:00, and our early bird attitude paid off as we got a table without a reservation. My seat afforded a great view of the chef at work, as the hostess sauntered over with several open bottles of wine for us to sample, as we waited for the meal. The starter was a spinach salad with shrimp, orange and dill atop a creamy hummus - divine. Main was a beef stew on orzo (vegetarian option mushrooms on gnocchi), and dessert delectable roasted apples on fragrant whipped cream. All for €18. At just a short walk from Miniloft, this is definitely a new favorite. Reservations recommended!

Torstraße 183, Mitte
S-Bahn Oranienburger Str.

Open Tue-Sun from 19:00
+49 (0) 162 425 11 21




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