The ice cream making process

The Woop Woop ice cream shop turned liquid ingredients into creamy ice cream within 30 seconds. To do this they have developed their own nitrogen-technology to infuse liquid nitrogen into their liquid base.

This base consists of home made mixture of milk and cream.

To this they add fresh ingredients like for instance strawberries. After this, the -196°C liquid nitrogen is mixed with the ingredients turning the mixture into delicious and ready to eat ice cream in no time.

The amazing texture comes from the fact that the shock frosting created by the nitrogen prevents large water molecules from forming.

Each month Woop Woop Ice Cream changes their flavors. There are always five types of ice cream on offer and this month our personal favorite has been the chocolate and walnut brownie.

As an extra touch the customer has the option between different types of ice cream cones. As well as regular ice cream cones, Woop Woop also serves their ice cream in fresh bubble waffles.

Do not miss out on the experience of watching how the Woop Woop ice cream is made and treat yourself to an amazing desert.

From Miniloft Mitte the ice cream shop is only a 10 minute walk and from Miniloft Kreuzberg it is easily accessible with public transportation.

For maps and locations, Woop Woop Ice Cream

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