Since 1948, the Bambi Awards are presented annually by Hubert Burda Media.
This 12th of November, we all have again a date with the oldest German media awards at the Stage Theater.
With red carpet and lots of expectations, the celebrities will concentrate once more in the Potsdamer Platz, as they do during the Berlinale.
The prizes are given to all those actors, musicians and other celebrities who have made an impact in German public. Some previous recipients of Bambis include Michael Jackson, Shakira, Sofia Loren, Bono, Kate Winslet & Giorgio Armani.
And yes, the Bambi Award has the shape of a baby deer.  Its name was inspired by the daughter of the actress and first winner of this prize Marika Rökk, who said to her mother "Oh, you brought a Bambi for me," when she arrived home with the award.
To get to know more about the event this year, visit the official website.

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