There is more to Berlin Fashion Week than meets the eye. Is not just an event nor is it just about fashion, but rather a group of different types of exhibitions, shows and fairs about lifestyle, aesthetics, design, ethics – in both production and consumption – and increasingly more about technical innovation.
Visitors staying at Miniloft will be in close proximity to most of the events taking place.
Here is all the fundamental info about this winter edition of Berlin Fashion Week 2018 for our Miniloft guests:


Between the 16th and the 19th of January – with side events on the 15th.

What & Where:

This 2018 Fall/Winter Fashion Week will feature trade fairs suchs as the PREMIUM Exhibitions at STATION Berlin, the PANORAMA at Messe Berlin, the Show & Order at Kraftwerk, Seek and Bright at Arena Berlin, Selvedge Run at Kulturbrauerei, Greenshowroom and Ethical Fashion Show Berlin at Funkhaus, as well as the shows from the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Kaufhaus Jandorf and the collectors room. Additionally, the Berliner Mode Salon at Kronprinzenpalais will display the collections of 40 German fashion labels – from both established and young designers alike.
Check out the official trailer for the AW18 Berlin Fashion Week here.
The motto of this year's Panorama fashion fair will be "Shaping Identities" and it will gather more than 800 exhibitors in a 45,000 sq mt space at Messe Berlin, among them Marc Cain, Oui, Vagabond, Fila, Chiemsee, Guess, Miss Sixty, Bench, Desigual and Jack & Jones, as well as Sandara, Codello, Adax, Norton, My Jewellery, Zoey, Chasin and Paddock’s Jeans. The different halls at Messe Berlin will showcase different clothing and acessories, ranging from casualwear to formalwear, high-quality women and menswear as well as sustainable fashion, plus-size fashion, etc.

Highlights & Tendencies:

Sample Sales
Fashion week is also a good chance to score some designer bargains. Come earlier and leave a bit later to have a chance to properly see the pop up sample sale side events from the 15th to the 20th/21th, on Gormannstr. 23 – near Rosenthaler Straße, here in Mitte. You can just get the M8 tram that stops around the corner from Miniloft and within 10 minutes you are in the vicinity of the sample sales location – to which you only need to walk a couple of minutes. From Monday the 15th to Sunday the 21st, there is the Designer Sample Sale at Vektor, from 11 to 21:00. Organized by ProjektGalerie, this event gathers around 30 Berlin-based and international designers. We also recommend the Polish Designers Sale at QuadrapShop, from Monday the 15th to Saturday the 20th - 12:00 to 20:00. There are also many stores and cafés nearby, so it's a definitely a great neighbourhood to visit.
FashionTech and Eco Design:
The 2018 Fall/Winter season will continue to empathize FashionTech and Eco Design, as designers explore new materials and new ways in which commonly used materials can be used in fashion, by being worked differently. Sustainable and futuristic approaches to production and design will dominate a couple of different exhibitions and shows, especially as the possibilities for 3-D printing continue to grow, for both affordable and luxury fashion. To see what we are talking about we suggest checking out Berlin-based VOJD Studios creations.
Attend the free seminar side event THE FUTURE OF FASHION – all eyes on fibre innovation on the 15th.
Check out the Greenshowroom & Ethical Fashion Show Berlin during fashion week.
There is a growing trend for leisure-oriented fashion which can be incorporated into everyday wear. Artleisurewear combines comfortable and practical elements with a certain casual elegance necessary for pieces not to look entirely sporty or loungy. In fact, some items are meant as statement pieces, which can be combined with more basic – or rather, simple – pieces, thus producing a sort of contemporary-chic feel.
Unisex collections:
High-end designers and mainstream fashion brands are starting to focus more on unisex collections, a concept which definitely gathers influences from streetwear in big cities like Berlin, where gender is very much political and aesthetically fluid. From a commercial point of view, it opens up a new market not yet quite explored, sort of like when 2-in-1 shampoos and hair conditioners started emerging in the 90s.
From casual to formalwear, unisex collections also appeal to eco-conscient consumers, as they allow for couples and friends living together and wearing roughly the same size to share their closet.
Check out the Polish Designers Sale, we mentioned for some unisex apparel, the entrance is open to the general public and it's not that far from Miniloft – we included some information on how to get there on our sample sales highlight.

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