A selection of the excellent feedback we have received from our guests.

Minimal yet comfortable

"Great! A wonderful, minimal yet comfortable and 'gemutliche' place to stay. It makes you feel like staying for a longer time, to be a resident, not only a tourist. "

— Pieter and Ester from Amsterdam, Netherlands; 27/02/2010


"Die Ambiente stimmt; von aussen wunderbar vorne, das Treppenhaus im Seitenflügle urig und das Loft selber tip top. Die Möbel sind nett, endlich ein Hotel, das nicht schreckliche Möbel hat! Die Lampen sind chic. Toll gemacht! Die Lage ist gut."

—Soile from Espoo, Finland; 26/02/2010

Best in Berlin

"Nicely located, great service, cool lofts. Minilofts is the best place to stay in Berlin!"

— Jochen from Breda, Netherlands; 27/01/2010

I wish I could live here!

"Absolutely loved everything. Design is beautiful and functional, rooms comfortable (and soundproof!), good location. Personalized touches in the info book were great! Will definitely stay again. I wish I could live here!"

— Fiona from Perth, Australia; 21/01/2010

Welcoming attitude

"(We liked) everything! The central location, the silence, The clear design of the room. The "guide", which we used very much. The hospitality and the care of all the particular things - a general welcoming attitude. This is now "our place in Berlin". We will for sure be back again, and can recommend it to our friends."

— Per from Sweden; 06/01/2010

Lovely space

"An independent, lovely space to be. Everything we needed was here. We'll be back."

— Erin and Tony from Port Moresby, Papau New Guineau; 15/01/2010

Practical elegance

"We like the space, the quietly stated, practical elegance, the welcome, the most informative 'booklet' that immediately gives confidence and understanding of where we are in Berlin, and finally, telling us about you - never again will we be able to stay in some impersonal hotel! Congratulations - it is an inspirational project."

— Melanie and Jo from Auckland, New Zealand; 05/01/2010

Line and space

"We especially like the design, inside and out. The economy of line and space. The unobtrusive friendliness. The welcome book with such practical information. The duvets. The shower. The location. The whole concept is very thoughtfully put together."

— James and Catero from Edinburgh, Scotland; 14/12/2009

Spot on

(What did you like about the Minilofts?)" In a word: everything! They're convenient, comfortable and quite smartly furnished. We particularly enjoyed the kitchen area - it had every need covered without overwhelming the space -- and the spiral notebook of maps, walks and tourist suggestions. It was our Bible for this visit, and the recommendations were spot on!"

— David and Anne from Newton, MA, USA; 06/12/2009

Space and light

"Great loft. Very quiet but great location. Space and light a huge bonus. Much better than a cramped hotel room."

— Amelia from London, England; 06/12/2009

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