Berlin is a metropolis of 3 million people – and encircled by forests and lakes. There are a half-dozen beautiful lakes accessible by S-Bahn, and even dozens more can be reached by a short trip with a regional train or bus. The most popular is Wannsee, with its imported sand beach, snack stands, lifeguards and changing facilities – on hot days the beach swarms with happy bathers. Flughafensee, in a bird sanctuary next to Tegel Airport, has lovely nooks of beach and grass (watch out for the nudist section) and seems to be in the middle of the wilderness despite the incongruous arrival and departure of planes to and from the airport, hidden behind trees. Schlactensee is a lovely, curving, shaded lake – day trippers claim their spots beneath trees and laze away perfect summer afternoons, or take a leisurely walk around the perimeter that ends with a snack at the Fischerhütte beer garden on the eastern shore.

Lakes in Berlin
Wannsee, S7 or S1 to S-Bahn Wannsee, 10 minute walk
Flughafensee, U6 to U-Bahn Otisstrasse, 15 minute walk
Schlactensee, S1 to S-Bhf Schlactensee, 7 minute walk

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