Roller Derby is back, in Berlin, and badder than ever. This quintessentially American sport (now auf Deutsch, Berlin punk style) involves two teams of ladies on skates, barreling around a track and attempting to pass each other by any means necessary. OK, not any means - apparently there's less blood and violence than in the 70's in Texas, but you can still expect a hell of a show as the Berlin Bombshell teams 'The Fantastic Fourteen' and 'The Good the Bad and the Gourgeous' duke it out for domination. With a bad-ass afterparty, of course. (They own the term bad-ass.)

Roller Derby
Arena Berlin, Eichenstraße 4, Kreuzberg
U-Bahn Schlesisches Tor or S-Bahn Treptower Park
March 18, 20:00

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