Berlin has been the locale for several classic films – Wim Wenders Wings of Desire, Fritz Lang’s Metropolis – but one that recently comes to our mind is Tom Twyker’s Lola Rennt – aka Run Lola Run. The film sees the titular character in a mad rush across the city to save her boyfriends life. If you’ve never seen it, do – it’s an incredible look at post-war Berlin and one heck of a race against time.

But back to the point of this post – you don’t need an excuse like Lola’s to get active in this city. In fact, Berlin is host to an incredible array of sporting events, giving you a perfect opportunity to visit and take in the sights in an altogether different way. To help you out, we at Miniloft have compiled a sporting calendar, giving you the brief rundown on some of the city’s finest events on offer.

January: The Six Day Race
You don’t have to face the Berlin winter head on to participate in The Six Day Race, an indoor cycling event held at the Velodrome on Landsberger Allee. A favourite haunt of celebrities (though not always on the track), the Six Day Race offers a huge array of events ranging from Derny racing, Sprinting and motor-paced races.

March: Berlin Half Marathon and Inline Skating Half Marathon
With perfect timing 6 months behind the Berlin Marathon, the Half Marathon is a whistlestop tour around the southern centre of Berlin, beginning and ending around Alexanderplatz. Over 30,000 participants complete the course, with numbers rising from year to year.

April: Berlin Airport Run
With no set date for completion, Berlin Brandenburg Airport is put to good use with the 8th Berlin Airport Run. With both 10km and half marathon, the main draw here is being able to jog it in on what is turning out to be one of the most expensive runways in the world.

May: Velothon
The second largest cycle race of its kind across Europe, the Velothon’s profile has continued to grow since its inception in 2008. Whether 60km or 120km, as a solo effort or in a team, this cycling festival descends upon the capital at a generally perfect time of year to take to the streets on your bike.

July: Yoga Festival
Competitive sports are all well and good, but what about soothing your soul instead? Step (or indeed, stretch) forward the Yoga Festival, an introduction and celebration of the fine art of breathing, extending and releasing. In the beautiful setting of Kladow, a varied programme of classes, workshops and events will celebrate its 10th year in 2014.

July: Ironman Berlin
If you prefer to test your physical strength to its limits, the Ironman challenge is right up your street. Taking in a swim at the Tegeler See, a 60km bike ride through Renickendorf and a 21km run, it’s a challenge not for the faint of heart – but an incredible sporting achievement (and fine way to take in some of Berlin’s lesser known beauty spots…)

August: Berlin Triathlon
Mere weeks after the Ironman comes another triathlon in the city, organized on a more local level but still attracting a huge array of athletes willing to take the challenge. In the words of the organizers, you don’t have to be a pro – but you do have to make it over the finish line…

September: The Berlin Marathon
After 41 years, the Berlin Marathon has carved a reputation as one of the most legendary runs to complete – and comes with the added bonus of being one of the flattest. Times are fast, with events for both skaters and runners, and all manner of participants creating a competitive and yet totally relaxed atmosphere.

Extra Resources:

For more information on running events, be sure to check out Berlin Läuft, an excellent resource for anyone considering pounding Berlin’s tarmac…

You can also find extra sporting events throughout the year on Visit Berlin’s “Sporting Metropolis” page

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