The year starts already with a race on the 1st of January! Running is the "simplest" sport to get into and it is becoming more and more popular everywhere.

Every time there are more and more races everywhere and Berlin, has many perfect and beautiful spots for that.

Here we want to share with you a calendar of races for 2017 and the best places where you can prepare yourself for the competitions.

Calendar of races 2017

- 1st of January - Berliner Neujahrslauf

At 12 am, from the Brandenburg gate to the Dome and return. To join this 4 kms is for free and no previous registration is needed.

- 2nd of April - The half Marathon

With a limit of 30.000 competitors running this almost 22 kms., the Berlin half marathon is one of the most important in Central Europe. It costs 35 euro per participant and it starts near Alexanderplatz, in Karl-Marx Allee.

- 14th of May - Big 25 Berlin

Competition over 25 kilometers in central Berlin, where around 14.000 runners start and finish in the Olympiastadion. The registration fee is between 10 and 40 euro, depending on the time in advance of the booking.

- 20th of May - Avon women's race

With a limit of 18.000 participants and a cost between 9 and 27 euro, depending on the time in advance of the booking and the kms. runn, it is exclusive for women, who can choose run or walk around the Avenue of the 17th of June.

- 5th of June - Run of Spirit

It is an event for people with and without handicaps. It starts at 9:30 in the Collegiate Evangelisches Johannesstiftam in Spandau, with a worship service and the 10 kilometer run starts at 2 pm.

- 11th of June - Berlin Triathlon

Starting at the Island of Youth in the Treptower Park in Berlin, it costs between 10 and 70 euros depending on the distance.

- 29th of July - Adidas Runners City Night Berlin

The runners and walkers on the 10-kilometer stretch around Kufürstedamm, can choose between a 5-kilometer "Fun Run" without time measurement or a 10-kilometer circuit with time measurement. The skaters run the 10 km distance.

- 19th and 20th of August - 100 miles. The Berlin Wall Race

is a German Ultra-marathon, which route follows the course of the former Berlin Wall (160,9 kms) to remind the victims of the Wall. On the way, volunteers provide the participants with the appropriate catering stations distributed at intervals of 5 to 8 kilometers along the route. There are a total of 27 boarding points. The time limit for the barrel is 30 hours.

- 20th of August - Stadtlauf Berlin

It's a circular route through the districts Steglitz, Wilmersdorf and Zehlendorf in the southwest of the capital. Runners can choose between a half marathon and a quarter marathon. Participants of the semi-marathon run the course twice, participants of the quarter marathon only once.

- 27th of August - Mercedes-Benz-Halbmarathon

21.0975 kilometers through the district of Reinickendorf in the north-east of Berlin. If you prefer a shorter distance, you can also participate in a 10 kilometer run. For children under 12 years, a mini-marathon is available over a distance of 2.3 kilometers.

- 23th and 24th of September - Berlin Marathon

Around 40000 runners will take part in the Berlin Marathon with their start and finish at the Brandenburg Gate. They come from around 120 countries. Better to register one year in advance, the fee is 108 € per runner, and it seems to be already fully booked for 2017 now.

- 22nd of October - Müggelsee-Halbmarathon

The Müggelsee half marathon leads around the Müggelsee and the adjacent settlement area. The 21.0975 kilometer route is officially measured. If you can not take the half-marathon, you can also take a 5 or a 10 km. run. It costs between 8 and 12 euro.

- Between October and November (still to confirm) - Grunewald-Marathon

It's a circular course through the beautiful Grunewald in the south-west of Berlin, which the marathon runners can compete twice. The price is between 15 and 50 euro, depending on the distance.

Where to train:

Berlin has a lot of big lakes and parks, so almost any area of the city is here but, we want to recommend you some specially beautiful places:

- Schlosspark Charlottenburg

A bit more than 2 kms around the beautiful gardens of the Palace of Charlottenburg.

- Volkspark Friedrichshain

Old and beautiful park, just great to practice many sports.

- Tiergarten

The biggest in the city and the closest to Miniloft. You can follow our own guide for a 10 km run in the Tiergarten.

- Landwehrkanal

In Kreuzberg, following the canal and enjoying the view.

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