picture of the water park

They‘re called Plansche in German and you can find them all over Berlin: water playgrounds! They really are the ultimate fun for kids and adults throughout the summer in Berlin. The Plansche at Nordbahnhof is just a short eight-minute walk from Miniloft Apartment Hotel in Mitte.

Kids can play under the water sprinklers and there is enough shade and open park space all around to comfortably sit and enjoy a whole afternoon. The area is designed in a very safe way, it‘s just an open space to run around in the water and the textured, anti-slip floor makes it extra safe and extra relaxing for parents who can just enjoy their kids playing. When you‘re done splashing in the water, you can have a little picnic on one of the benches or you bring a blanket to sit down.

And afterwards the fun can resume on the swings in the park or if your kids are not done yet, they get under the sprinklers again or climb one of the big fish that are placed throughout the playground and make for great vacation pictures.

Don‘t forget your suncreen and make sure to treat yourself to some of the delicious icecream that‘s sold right outside the playground.

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