Berlin is often painted as a city that refuses to go to sleep – particularly for those with a taste for techno. But electronic beats are not the only music on offer, and for anyone looking for a more civilised Sunday evening, the Sonntagskonzerte at Clärchens Ballhaus offers a real Berlin treat.

Clärchens Ballhaus (located a short trip away from Miniloft on Auguststraße) is something of a local institution, a traditional music hall that has gradually become home to everything from a gypsy restaurant to tango lessons in its illustrious 100-year history. Downstairs, the décor feels like the coolest uncool wedding venue you’ll ever find and provides the perfect backdrop for a party for all – but for Sundays, head up to the Spiegelsaal (the mirror salon) where you can get a classical fix in stunning surroundings.

The interior of the magnificent Spiegalsaal ticks all the Berlin boxes – epic grandeur mixed with a healthy bit of rough, with dimmed chandeliers and twinkling candles adding a romantic touch to the faded walls and slightly cracked mirrors. On selected Sundays, you’ll be treated to a wonderful range of musicians with a “sit where you can” ethos. It’s classical music without any of the pretence – allowing you to leisurely sip a glass of wine or two and simply enjoy the show.

Sonntagskonzerte im Spiegelsaal
Spiegelsaal in Clärchens Ballhaus,
Auguststraße 24, 10117 Berlin, Mitte
Tickets available online or reserve by phone: 030 - 52 680 256
Concerts start from 7pm, please arrive early if you’ve reserved a ticket.

Copyright: Matthew Griffin

Copyright: Matthew Griffin

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