Though uniqueness cannot have gradations – one either is or is not unique – this must surely trump all the other unique accommodation options in Berlin. Architects from all over Europe regularly have wet dreams about the whole Miniloft project, and it has been garlanded with more prestigious prizes than Prince Charles has made annoying speeches. This steel and glass building consists of fourteen 40 – 50 square-metre apartments – open-plan living pods with concrete floors, containing one double bed and a single that also functions as a sofa. There are kitchen units in each one which neatly combine stoves, fridge and sink and bed linen, and telephones and free internet are provided throughout.

The apartments are divided into extrovert and introvert categories: the extrovert types have floor-to-ceiling glass walls facing the street, while the introverts have smaller windows and a more discreet ambience. The business is run by super-friendly, familial staff, and the administrative office is also in the building, which means that issues can be dealt with directly. And the architect-owners live in the building. One recently-added bonus: Miniloft has a deal with the neighbouring Hotel Gates which allows guests to take advantage of the Gates’ breakfast buffet for a very reasonable €9.

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