It is not often that someone comes to Berlin for the first time and doesn't go visit the Brandenburg Gate... It is often a conversation topic when we receive guests at Miniloft, and so we recommend a visit to Pariser Platz as well. It only takes around 15 minutes to walk there from Miniloft, and these are the 5 reasons why it's worth the stroll:

1 - Brandenburg gate:

Yes, the first reason it is the famous Brandenburg Gate and its history. It is also in our "Top 10 must-see places in Berlin"
The Brandenburg Gate (The Brandenburger Tor), as it is called in German, is undoubtedly the symbol par excellence of the German capital.
The main monument of most postcards and souvenirs, the Brandenburg Gate has witnessed the most important historical events in the history of Berlin, thanks to its privileged position on Pariser Platz, in the heart of the city.

Read more about its history here: Brandenburg Gate

2 - DZ Bank Building

Although it is not a tourist attraction, the DZ Bank lobby is one of the most fascinating works of Frank Gehry (architect creator of the Guggenheim) that is worth a visit.
Next to the US embassy, it seems that it can not be accessed, but it is possible to get into the lobby.

3 - Reichstag

Not exactly in Pariser Platz, but you can see the building of the Reichgtag from the Brandenburg Gate.
Do not forget to book (at least 3 days in advance) your visit to the Dome of the Reichtag here:
We highly reccommend this visit not only for the history of this amazing building, but also for the architecture of the Dome and the panorama view… and it is for free!
Do not forget your Passport, ID card or driving license to get in.

4 - Erlebnis Europa

If you are interested in politics, now you can also attend for free the permanent exhibition "Erlebnis Europa" in the European House Berlin, located in Unter den Linden.
You can get a feel for how the EU Parliament works by taking part in a simulation game where you become an MEP or a Commissioner.

Read more about Erlebis Europa here: Europa Experience the Exhibition: become a Member of the European Parliament

5 - Generic Tours

Most of the free walking tours have their meeting point in Pariser Platz. It is really good to make one of this generic tours if you are a first time visitors We mean generic only in the sense that these tours aren't focused on a specific historical topic, but rather give you an idea of the general history of the city and help you select what to visit during your stay. There are many companies that organize these tours in different languages. Check the language you want and the approximate duration time and just show up at the starting point. It is not always a must to book a place on these tours, usually you can just join if it is English or Spanish. As for other languages, it is better to book to make sure you have a spot.
These tours are tip-based and take around two a half hours. We recommend to give a tip of around 10 to 15 euros per adult.

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