One of the most typical scenes you find in Berlin is a lot of young (and not that young) people, drinking beer in a park, on a bench, in the Uhbahn... so we wanted to dedicate a post for the best places where you can grab a beer from a Späti (spätkauf or kiosk that opens until late, spät) and be like a local in one of the many green areas of Berlin

1 - Monbijoupark: We thought about Monbijoupark not only because it is very close to Miniloft, but also for its amazing view of the Museum Island on the Spree. We could say one beer in the späti costs around 1,5 euro, but enjoying it in Monbijoupark is priceless.

2 - Admiralsbrücke: Small brige and not even close to the traffic on the Landhwerkanal. We really do not understand when and why this tradition started, but this place is always busy and it is a meeting point for the Berliners who sit on the floor, have a drink, a chat and sometime even play some music.

3 -Insel der Jugend:Charming place in Treptower Park, just cross the bridge to the island and sit to enjoy the view of the Spree and the panorama of Berlin.

4 - Tempelhofer Feld: We cannot talk about outdoor places and not to mention Tempelhof, a place for urban gardens, skates, bikes and barbeques. It is definetly a place to visit, where else can you enjoy an empty abandoned airport?

5 - Mauerpark: Yes, Mauerpark it is very touristic but... it is still a must on Sundays if you visit Berlin. Street food, Flea markets, street artists, karaoke and park to sit, drink and chat.

Obviously, you are not obligized to drink beer! But if you do, or any other drink, do not forget to leave the bottle next to a bin, as the Berliners, so the bottle collectors can get them to take them to recicle and get some extra money.

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