Yes a trusty map and a friendly guide is always a guaranteed way to get yourself orientated in a new city - but trust us when we say, there’s an app for that. Whether you are coming to Berlin for the first time or are looking for a new perspective on a return trip, we’ve got a roundup of the best apps to keep you covered in the city.

The Essentials

Berlin is one of those cities that is blessed with a plethora of public transport options. But if you’ve just turned up here, the network of buses, trams, overground rail, underground rail and even the ferry can be a bit overwhelming. So make sure you download the BVG app, which will give you plenty of journey options and keep you up to date with the latest travel information.
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Taxi Berlin
Prefer to go solo rather than schlep it with the others? Those who’d rather travel by taxi (or those who have missed the last train) should definitely check out the Taxi Berlin app, which makes it super simple to book your next cab.

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Arrival Guide App
First time in Berlin? Prep yourself with the Arrival Guide App, which will give you an multi-language guide to essential information like currency conversion, an overview of the transport and main sites in the city. You can also download offline maps - great if you are prone to totting up massive data roaming charges getting lost abroad.
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If you do find yourself lost in Berlin, AroundMe can be a great lifesaver, offering up (via GPS) everything from ATMs to supermarkets, cinemas to bars that happen to be in your vicinty.
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The Fun Stuff

BikeCityGuide Berlin
Any guide will tell you that if the weather is right for it, cycling around Berlin is one of the best ways to travel throughout the city. And though this is a city that has a respect for cyclists and provides plenty of cycle lanes and thoughtful drivers, if you are new to it, the bigger, busier streets can seem a bit daunting. This app will help you navigate your way around the city through the most cycle-friendly routes possible - great if your two wheels need to get you from to A to B with the least hassle possible.
Bike Citizens Website

Going Local Berlin
Living like a local is the aim of many a seasoned traveller, and if you are one who likes to take the tourist path less travelled, Going Local Berlin is the app for you. Local tips are presented on a map, allowing you to uncover the local gems that only the true Berliners know.
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Time Traveller App
Augmented Reality is a fancy thing, giving you an extra layer of experience over everyday living. The Time Traveller app is a great example of this, using Augmented Reality to bring to life key sites in Berlin’s incredible history. A virtual window into the past, it’s a great tool for bringing an extra dimension to your usual wanderings around the capital.
Time Traveller App Website

Berlin Vegan Guide
If you happen to be a vegan, you’ll know that eating out can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. Yes, Berlin is a vegan-loving city, but the point is, where do you find the cafes and restaurants that welcome vegans with open arms? On the Berlin Vegan Guide actually. This map-based app showcases some of the best dining options for vegans, whether its breakfast, lunch, dinner or partaking in a vegan version of the old German tradition for coffee and cake.

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Street Art Berlin
Want to tick off some of Berlin’s best street art? Take a look at the aptly named Street Art Berlin app, which will give you the inside track on the artists, works and dates of some of the city’s key pieces.
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