The legacy of occupied Berlin may not immediately signal fairground rides and food stalls, but the Deutsch-Französiches and the Deutsch-Amerikanisches Volksfests may make you think again. A carnival culture prevails throughout the summer, with two festivals born out of the French and American sectors.

Sprawling from mid-June through to late August, these two unique events offer a feast of programming spanning music, food and entertainment. First up is the Deutsch-Französiches Volksfest, running in the aptly titled Französicher Dorf, also known as the Zentraler Platz Kurt-Schumacher-Damm in the old French sector. From June 14th through to July 14th, Tegel gets a taste of France, with the added attractions of fairground rides alongside the French cuisine and stalls. A tradition that dates back to 1963, it’s a great destination for Francophiles of all ages, topped off with a fantastic display of Bastille Fireworks.

Come midsummer, and it’s all about Berlin’s special relationship with America. The Deutsch-Amerikanisches Volksfest takes place from July 26th through to August 18th, with a firm focus on super sized popularism. More fair ground rides, candy floss and hot dogs aplenty and non stop theatre offers up a raucously full programme of events and performances, with special themes dedicated to the Wild West, New York and California and Florida. From the beach to the Big Apple with ample country music and cowboys in between, it’s a massive bite of the USA, direct in Tiergarten.

Deutsch-Französiches Volksfest
June 14th – July 14th
Zentraler Festplatz, Kurt-Schumacher-Damm 207-245, 13405 Berlin

Deutsch-Amerikanisches Volksfest
Festplatz am Hauptbahnhof, Heidestraße. 30, 10557 Berlin

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