Not long ago we have posted the information about the Berlin Welcome Card, because many of our guests, ask us about if it is worth it or not.

We always respond, if you are going to use the public transport and visit two or more Museums or tourism attractions such as the TV Tower or the Zoo, or even do some tours, it is definetely worth it. If you prefer to go by bike, you can check our Miniloft Bike Tours and get a MUSEUMSPASS, for example.

Because Berlin and Miniloft are also a LGTB friendly places, we would like to inform you about the QueerCityPass Berlin, which is basically the same concept, but adapted to the LGTB community. What does it mean? well, the main tourism attractions are the same, but there are some places highlighted such as the Schwules Museum and some gay and lesbian bars and clubs.

You can buy it for 17,90 euro and have up to a 50% discount in more than 70 partners from QueerCityPass.

More info:

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