They say a picture is worth a thousand words – but what about when you add a soundtrack? The Stummfilmkonzerte is based upon that very idea – an enhancement of some classics of silent cinema, recontextualised with new music over the top. Sounds simple, but the result is anything but, with Stummfilmkonzerte pretty much worthy of landmark status in Berlin.

Films selected hark back to some classics of the early silver screen. There are plenty of nods to Berlin and Germany, with many expressionists films up for the Stummfilmkonzerte reworking – think Metropolis,The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Nosferatu and the epic Berlin: Die Sinfonie der Großstadt. Comedy also gets a look in, with showings of Laurel and Hardyto tickle your funny bone. All are lovingly intepretated – live – by Stephan v. Bothmer and various choirs, instrumentalists and other musicians. It’s a truly unique experience, with shows often selling out – so be sure to keep an eye on the programme, and book early.


More information: (in German only)

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