With subcultours you meet Berlin's most inspiring and passionate artists and creative entrepreneurs. You get authentic insights in their private work spaces and homes and see where they work, live and get inspired. Create your own piece of art/music/food/drink together with them and have a casual real talk with local snacks and drinks.

Travelers can choose between several types of creative experiences The experiences cover a manifold number of different handcrafts being informative and entertaining at the same time. During the subcultours participants can meet directly with the creative entrepreneurs.
Each subcultours includes a do-it-yourself workshop, i.e. the creation of a personal handcrafted gin, the individual design of a fashion accessory or jewelry piece or the composition and production of one’s very own electronic music track. The personal story and inspirations of the creative artisans are usually shared during a visit at their favorite coffee shop, bar or restaurant around the corner or a common breakfast or aperitif at their own place. Where are the places they need to go, visit and spend time to come up with new ideas, concepts and products which they will finally create? Which
fabrics are used to make eco-friendly but stylish bikinis? Which raw materials are necessary to build a surfboard? Which quality standards make specialty coffee so different? What are local craft beers made of?

The authentic experiences take place at the artists’ very personal space in the city. It is their private work space and/or home where artists spend most of their time building something that will change the image of the city and will add a new face to its subculture.
Therefore, subcultours enables travelers and locals to have a very unique and memorable look behind the scenes. See ateliers, studios, offices, cafés, bars, backyards, basements - all places which one would normally never have access to as a "stranger".
And that is exactly the idea behind subcultours’ mission – Connecting travelers with the Creative Crowd.
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Phone: +49 (0) 178 334 7559
Facebook Message: @subcultours

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