If you plan to come to Berlin by car, there are several things you should know:

1 - Get a car sticker

Your car would need a yellow or green car sticker inside the city (if your car is German, you need the green one), due to Berlin is an Environmental Area to limit fine particle emissions.

You can get it here http://www.umwelt-plakette.de/

More information in English here http://www.environmental-badge.co.uk/en/environmental-badge.html

You need this sticker even if your car is not German. If you rent a car, they normally have it.

2 - Traffic Rules

Even if Berlin may get crowded on occasions, driving is actually quite pleasant. The rules are generic, like in any other city.

Just observe the signals and what the other cars do and very important, remember there are so many cyclist! check before you turn and leave space on your right for them.

There are not many roundabouts; when you are turning and the traffic light is green, you will see the cars on the other side will come next to you. Stop in the middle and look straight, you will see a second traffic light that has to turn green. Then is your turn.

You should also remember to give priority to the right... Always!

And last but not least, you cannot turn right on red in Germany unless there is a green arrow sign next to the signal.

3 - Parking

Even in the city center, it is not impossible to park. Sometimes could be harder, but in general you can always find a spot.

There are not many places where to park for free though. Next to Miniloft, we are (still) lucky, as you can park very near to our Apartment-Hotel around Invaliden Park. Just 5 minutes walking, you can park in Schwarzer Weg (next to theNaturkundemuseum), Scharnhorstraße and Habersaarthstraße.

We also have parking spaces on our property which we rent out for 12 EUR/night. The parking spaces are in a hydraulic parklift system, which can accommodate cars up to a maximum height of 1.5m. This will accommodate sedans and compact cars, but is not suitable for vans or SUVs.

Before you park in the street, check first the signs and if there is a machine. Normally you should pay between 1 and 3 euro per hour and, in the city center, this would be until 00:00 hours.

If you want to check where to park cheaper and easier, there are some websites that would help you.

Here are the links:

The wikipedia for parking: http://en.parkopedia.de/parking/berlin/?&ampl_devid=0bad5c39-fd22-4231-a2e5-b1632e5c17d1

The Berlin Parking Map Tool: http://www.stadtentwicklung.berlin.de/verkehr/politik_planung/strassen_kfz/parkraum/

How to use the machines: http://www.nuberlin.com/berlin-info/berlin-parking-ticket-vending-machine-explained/

And an App for your Smartphone: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=dva.parking&hl=en

Miniloft Parking:

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