Berlin is a different city in the colder months of the year, when the weather seems to transform a trip from indoors to outdoors. But there are still plenty of reasons – and ways – to explore our when the temperatures begin to drop.

And as for the snow, the fog and the mist? They may not scream outdoor exploration, but not only does Berlin offer plenty in the way of indoor events and venues throughout winter, for us at Miniloft, the winter season also brings a special kind of magic to the place.

Berlin Winter Events

A bit of a chill has never stopped Berliners continuing on with business as usual, and there is plenty in the way of excuses to visit. If you are visiting before Christmas, there are a plethora of Christmas Markets to choose from, ranging from the glitz and opulence of Gendarmenmarkt to the more traditional, village atmosphere in Rixdorf. New Year brings fireworks a plenty across the city, with the Brandenburg Gate always packed with revellers. Others prefer making a pilgrimage to higher spots such as Viktoriapark to eye the view from above.

In January, The Mercedes Benz Fashion Week guarantees a slew of stylish parties, while the media set gets it’s kicks at the end of the month with the annual Transmediale Festival . Grune Woche is sandwiched between, offering a taste of Germany and beyond in the cavernous interior of the ICC Messe. Those of a more musical persuasion will find Ultraschall offers something for most aural tastes. Events are held across city venues as diverse as Berghain, the Sophienkirche and the Tempodrom.

Come February, it’s time for red carpets and silver screens, with the annual Berlinale Film Festival. With over 300 films showcased from across the globe on show, picking an event is sometimes harder than acquiring the tickets. Look out for the Berlinale Kinotag (on the 17th February in 2013), where all tickets are capped at 6.00 €.

Indoor Attractions

In the colder months, taking advantage of Berlin’s huge array of museums is a must. Stepping into the Chipperfield interior of the Neues Museum will brighten up cold souls, and the greyest of days definitely adds a suitable chill for a trip to the Stasi museum.

For those who are brave enough, wrapping up warm and visiting the various lakes around the periphery of the city will offer plenty in the way of snowy vistas. But if you are craving some waterside activities without the icy temperatures, head indoors to one of Berlin’s numerous spas. We recommend the Badeschiff or the Liquidrom for some all weather rest and relaxation.

Shopping doesn’t stop in the snow and with Torstraße and Mitte’s fashion district a stones throw away from Miniloft, you won’t have to trek far to sample the best of Berlin’s boutiques. 
And in the Evening?

In the evening cabaret and jazz take centre stage in the cold weather. A visit to the opera can make you instantly feel like Anna Karennina (but in Berlin) and we always recommend the Komische Opera, which boasts a 10% discount for our lovely Miniloft guests. 
Alternatively, head to the cinema (we would recommend the wonderful Kino International, part of the Yorck group of independent –and beautiful – cinemas dotted about the city) and beforehand, sample a drink at the Kosmetiksalon Babette. The glass cube offers not only a delicious menu to take your pick from, but the glamorous design – a stunning example of 1960’s GDR Berlin – will warm the cockles as you watch those still wandering outside.

Winter at Miniloft:: Photo by Matthew Griffin

Winter at Miniloft:: Photo by Matthew Griffin

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