Discovering new favourite places just around the corner never fails to delight us lot at Miniloft – as it’s a sign that no matter the time you spend here, there will always be something that Berlin is waiting to surprise you with. The latest discovery for us has been Nou Tango Berlin, a Tango school that also happens to run a multitude of other events throughout the year.

Nou Tango offer lessons and if you happen to stay in the city long enough to consider them you’ll also be pleased to know they have an online partner search to get you started. But the space is also home to a series of weekly tango dance nights, where you can show off your 8 step and promenade to your hearts content, accompanied by traditional tango music and a range of rotating DJs. Alongside this, Nou also host one-off Tango Flohmarkts, a Tango Café and a quarterly Four Seasons Tango Ball at their space. Elsewhere in the city, you’ll also find them hosting weekly parties across the city, including Max and Moritz in Kreuzberg and the legendary Clärchens Ballhaus in Mitte.

Nou Tango Berlin
Chausseestraße 102
10115 Berlin-Mitte

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