Miniloft for children - Telegrau fun pack

Visit Berlin with your family at Miniloft.

All of us here at Miniloft are away from our home towns or countries. Our families are spread all over the globe, which makes reunions important events that we look forward to.

We love seeing families taking advantage of the space and flexibility of the minilofts to get together with their loved ones. This is why we take special care to make sure that your family has the best stay possible.

Even The Guardian recommends us to travel with children.

For babies and toddlers

So you don't have to hire a sherpa to carry everything you need to bring with you, we can provide a few useful items for your little ones free of charge:

If you need anything else, you just need to ask! We can help you to hire more material you might need:

For the family

Download our tips for travelling with kids.

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