We want you to feel at home at Miniloft, especially if you or your loved ones are in Berlin for medical reasons.

Due to our proximity to the Charité hospital, we have many guests who are related somehow to the hospital, either working there or as patients.

Tell us your specific situation and needs and we will customize the apartment for you.

We have special services to make your stay even more comfortable, such as our "welcome food pack" or our entertainment packages: "home cinema" and "relaxing time."

Because we know that the treatments could run shorter or longer than expected, we are also flexible with the dates of your booking and we will not charge any cancellation if your stay is shorter, also we will give you a discount if it happens to be longer.

Please contact us for more information.

** Special mobility equipment can also be arranged.

Here the list of things we offer to make your free time more pleasant:

  • Welcome food pack:
    In every apartment we include the basic products: cleaning products, coffee, tee, salt, pepper, olive oil, sugar and vinegar (all organic). We have a discount for our guest for a buffet-breakfast next to Miniloft but also, if you want to eat more healthy and more comfortable in your loft, we can prepare our Food Special Package. You will find the welcome food pack in your apartment on your arrival. It costs 25 euro and includes: One loaf of German bread, one liter of milk, cheese, six eggs, 500 ml natural yogurt and a bowl of fruit. All products are organic, and where possible, regionally sourced.

If you prefer to relax in your apartment instead of heading out, we have 3 different packages of entertainment for you:

  • Indoor fitness:
    We will prepare a "home gym" in your apartment. This includes: yoga mat, pilates ball, weights and a weight hula hoop. You can hire it all for €10 no matter how long your stay.
  • Home cinema:
    Hire a DVD player, along with a choice of Berlin-themed DVDs, plus a voucher for a free DVD from Film Galerie - Berlin’s best video hire shop. All for €10.
  • Relaxing time:
    After a hard day of work, maybe you need some relaxation. Some really nice wine and bubbles for your bath? We get them for you! €20

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