In the main hall of Nordbahnhof on Invalidenstrasse you will find a small treasure trove. Visitors from all over the world ask themselves, whether it is a museum of brilliant stone-prints and old-school postcards, or a mini-vintage-installation in which artists live.

The concept of this young store is to show and sell exceptional objects from abandoned collections and hidden stocks; especially the everyday items from the GDR run through a historical transformation and give new inspiration through form and remembered use. Travel-Sewing kits tell the story of borders, wooden tips of recycled Berlin Christmas trees turning into a lovely kitchen tool. Some timeless Bubbleglass lamps from the sixties and fine Biscuit-porcelain vases shine now as Souvenir d’Art in Seoul, Dubai and even on the Lofoten.

Luecke means gap, the space to be filled by creativity. Alexandra and Norbert Stück live their art.
10115 Berlin-Mitte
Nordbahnhof an der Invalidenstraße

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday from 12 to 18

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