For those interested in visiting several of the National Museums located in Berlin the best investment is to buy the Museumspass: valid for three consecutive days, it allows access to most of Berlin's museums.
Museums included.
This pass allows entry to all museums on the Museum Island: the Old Museum, the Old National Gallery of Berlin, the Bode Museum, the Pergamon Museum and the New Museum.
Outside the island, the card also allows entry to an impressive list of other museums, including the Hamburger Bahnhof Museum, the Schinkel Museum, the New National Gallery, the Berggruen Museum, etc.
This pass can be bought in form of a card which comes only in one modality: for a time-period of three consecutive days and a price of 29 euros – although there is a special price of 14,50 for students.
If you are interested in also buying the Berlin Welcome Card, there is a modality for three days combined with the Museumspass Card for a price of €34. Each one of them can activate it when you need it independently.
Is it worth?
Although it depends on the use you are going to make of it, acquiring it is usually worth it for everyone, as entrance to the Pergamon Museum alone costs already €12. So, if you visit more than 2 museums with a similar entrance fee, the pass will already be worth it.
If you plan on using Berlin's public transport, we recommend buying the Berlin Welcome Card with the Museumspass modality, in order to combine the advantages of both cards at an incredible price.
Where can you buy it?
The Museumspass card can be purchased at all Berlin tourist information offices or online, through Visit Berlin's website.

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